Webinar Fingertip
How to embrace the digital supply chain to get ahead of your competition.
Wednesday, April 26, 2022
8AM: Eastern time
2PM: Central Europe
8PM: China
Speakers (scroll for more info):
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What will you learn?
If you are not digitized today, you are a day too late. That's what Jos Laurijsen, founder of Fingertip, likes to say. In this webinar we will be discussing the importance of embracing digital supply chain and how to do it properly so you carve yourself a nice chunk of market shares, protecting you from competition and future disruptions. 
  • Why now is the time to jump on digital supply chain train. The digital way of working is inevitable and should be strategically approached by organizations.
  • How to tackle the transition towards digital supply chain, which traps to not fall into and how to get the maximum return for your buck. 
  • How digital supply chain will make your supply network more resilient, ready to tackle modern day's challenges, keep your bottom line healthy and get you ahead of your competition.
Learn from our industry experts
Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about how digital technologies can solve the industry's biggest pain points, if used the right way.
Pierre Rabotin
Head of Marketing
Jos Laurijsen
Founder and Managing director
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